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Embracing Dusty Detours


From the foreword by John Philip Newell, Former Warden of Iona Abbey, Author of A New Harmony: the Spirit, the Earth, and the Human Soul


“Lynne Chandler shows us the way of blessing… This is a book of hope.”                                              


From Alie Stibbe, Author of A Spacious Place


“A fascinating and delightful read. There are lessons for each of us in Lynne’s beautifully observed meditations and poetry. Savour each chapter; this is not a book to be rushed.”                                                                        


Embracing Dusty Detours is a book of reflections on inner themes of spirituality.  It is glimpse into the Middle East through a western woman’s eyes and heart.  Journey through the bustling chaos of Cairo city life to endless stretches of rolling sand sea, exploring oases within and without.  Biblical images come to life from the top of Mount Sinai to the shores of Galilee. 


Woven throughout its pages are poems, “formed in concrete,” musing and celebrating the Creator and creation.  It is a journey of twists and turns, swamps and fields, deserts and valleys, awakening a heart to truly live.

When the author joined her family on a post 9/11 Cairo adventure to fill the call of Music Director at the Anglican/Episcopal international church her husband was to pastor, she was not expecting to spend her first several years grieving the lost of nature, fighting pollution induced asthma, and battling fierce sandstorms in her soul.  One lurch forward and two steps backward she eventually learns to navigate within, as related in her first book, Embracing a Concrete Desert.

Embracing Dusty Detours continues the narrative as life carries on in the community of the Cairo church, pilgrimage journeys from Istanbul to Damascus, and a daughter is launched into adulthood.  An account of God’s grace and ever-faithful presence emerges through laughter, tears and raw honesty.  A Middle Eastern pilgrimage in a modern day person celebrates the bridging of spirits across creeds and cultures.  Stumbling along searching for sources of strength and courage, an inner story twists its way along dusty detours of the path of life.


‘…I feel at last that I am embracing the present moment of life. I haven’t arrived, I’m just resting; resting beside quiet waters that inevitably churn and stir from time to time and turn into strong currents that drag me back into the river of the hectic everyday.’

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